Stagnant blog?

Let me tell you a story. 

There was once a little ball decorated with stripes of brown and seafoam green. No matter how much it wanted to sit still, it couldn't. Why? Because it's a ball, of course. It didn't have any way to stop itself - why would you even ask why

Anyway, it rolled off the table and hit the floor. Then, it rolled through the office and straight into the elevator. The first floor seemed to have the most popular vote.  And, once it reached there, it rolled its way out the elevator and straight out the front door. 

There was so much foot traffic in the busy office building that no one even noticed. 

So, the ball rolled down the road. It passed some people, it bounced off a few walls, and it even rolled under a few cars. 

And... swoosh...there went some beautiful rose bushes. Oh, how the ball would have loved to stop and take in their beauty. But, there was no way to slow down. 

Before long, the striped ball stumbled across a playground. It was like strolling straight into heaven. There were smiling children, laughs, giggles, and fun. Just a lot of fun. It finally felt like it found a home. 

The ball spent its day bouncing and flying through the air. Children were laughing and running. The sun was shining brightly. It turned out to be a magnificent day. Maybe the best day ever. 

It even thought, hey, maybe being a ball isn't such a bad thing after all. Even though you cannot stop, you just keep rolling until you find your place. 

As the sun started to set, a group of teenage boys made their way into the park. They spotted the ball and immediately started up a game of kickball. It didn't take long at all for a hard kick to knock the ball straight into the nearby dumpster. 

The ball was never to roll again. 

What does your blog look like? Does it resemble the life of the striped ball? Did it get off to a great start, rolling along so fast that it couldn't even stop to smell the roses? It doesn't take long for burnout to creep in and your blog to end up a stagnant piece of web space -- just like a ball in the dumpster. 

Fresh web content posted on your website's blog is important for your online presence. Not to mention it makes your business look organized and on top of even the tiniest details. 

Don't let your website sit dormant without any action -- and don't let too much time pass between posts. Create a marketing calendar and post engaging content at an automated rate. You just may find yourself surprised at the result.

If you are ready to take a step in the right direction with your blog and web content, click here. A free 15-minute phone conference will help determine the best course of action for your business. 


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