CTA = Crazy Times Ahead

You write something phenomenal -- and people read it. Then what? You just let them get away? You let them move on to the next article or continue strolling through their news feed? 

NO! Make them do something. Make them want to do something. 

A call-to-action, a.k.a. CTA, is a marketing technique used to get the reader to take action. It is an incredibly common tool, too - for good reason.

CTAs work wonders for getting potential customers to take a specific action. For instance, sign up for a service, sign up for a free trial of a service, sign up for a free email course or e-book, or even sign up to gain a free consultation. A CTA could also simply convince your readers to connect on social media.

Grow your network and transform your readers into future customers - all because of a little CTA. Sounds great, doesn't it? 

So, if this technique works so well, why don't we use it for something good? (I know, I know, transitioning leads into customers is something good). But, I am talking about something good as in motivating and inspiring personal growth or something that leads to the betterment of mankind. You know, something bigger than just your personal desires. 

Just hear me out.

People want to feel good. Yes, they want free stuff, but they also want to feel successful and motivated to change. These people are your potential customers. Why not give them something to feel a bit inspired? 

At the end of your blog, article or email, you could offer a CTA that...
  • Donates one meal to a homeless person. 
  • Donates one bowl of dog food to a no-kill shelter. 
  • Reminds the reader to hug their loved ones. 
  • Asks for one good deed to be done. 
Of course, this can be combined with whatever you are offering or with your subscribe button. 

Its a simple dose of good. And its a simple way to offering a feel-good vibe. 

The world is heading down a rough path - when it comes to politics, crime, and the like. Heck, CTA could stand for Crazy Times Ahead.

The world needs more good. Why not let it start with you? Together, we can make a difference.

What has been your best or most successful CTA? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. 


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