Freelance Writing Is So Much More Than Just Writing

You thought you'd try your hand at freelance writing since you love to write. You did your research, made connections online, and managed to find yourself a client or two. 

Then, you sit back, and write. Right? 

You are so WRONG. 

Freelance writing is so much more than just writing. Writers write. Freelance writers run a business. In fact, there are things you will have to do that will make you re-consider or think that you've gotten yourself in over your head. 

Let's see... 

Your client has requested that you write two SEO-friendly articles per week and post them to his WordPress blog. In turn, he will pay you $x. Sounds easy enough. You've got this for sure. Hold up. Wait -- have you ever used WordPress? A quick google search brings you to some nice tutorials on the program and you feel confident to proceed. 

You begin writing and realize that you let the client believe you knew more about Canadian Mining that you actually do, so you will have to do a bit of research on the topic first. 

Once that is under way, you begin writing. You double-check and triple-check your work, making sure there are no errors. You provide some backlinks and make sure that the overall article is SEO-friendly (after you educated yourself on this topic, too). 

Finally, in WordPress, you hit Publish

You can relax. Well, no, actually you can't. First, you have to bill your client. So, you create your invoice, develop a method you will use for tracking it, and then send it on. Then, you make sure to make a note not to forget to follow up for payment.

Before you can sit back, you will want to throw out a few more pitches, research and approach a few new clients, and check job posting sites. 

There is always, always, something to be done as a freelance writer. You are, in a sense, running your own business. 

Sure, the perks are great -- you get to work from home (or anywhere for that matter), set your own rates and your own hours, and be your own boss. 

But, it takes a lot of hard work. More than most people realize. As long as you know this and understand it, you should find no big surprises.

Embrace your entrepreneur self and watch blooms happen. After all -- if you work hard and learn all you can about the freelance writing business, you can't go anywhere except up. Stick it out, you'll see.


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