Find your audience

You have something to say, so say it. Just be sure that you say it to the right people in the right manner and at the right time. Because, well, if you don't, it could all backfire on you. After all, people don't play around these days. Especially with all the social media outlets allowing unfiltered self-expression.

Trust and believe that if somebody doesn't like the words you have to say, they can - and will - surely let you know it.

So what happens when you have something inspiring to say that you feel can transform the world in a positive manner?

You start a blog -- and say it. Then, you share it. You sit back and you wait for your post to go viral because it's that good.

And you wait.

And wait some more.

Still waiting...

Truth: Having a blog doesn't guarantee that you will get your message out there to the world. It is simply a platform to voice your opinion and share.

Maybe you will have some readers, maybe you won't.

But, don't give up.

Why? Because the world needs positive words. The world needs inspiration. And, the world needs you.

Do a search for "how to gain blog followers," and you will get a ton of the same information.

  • Write what people want to read. 
  • Follow and comment on other blogs in the same niche. 
  •     Share your blog on social media. 
  •     Promote your blog posts through social media. 
  •     Give away something free that will entice people to sign up to receive your blog. 
But if what you have to say doesn't fit the norm? You can put use all the best SEO tactics and do all the right things, but if what you have to say isn't what your audience wants to hear, then perhaps you have the wrong audience. 

Write your words. Share them. And find your audience. There is someone out there waiting to be inspired by what you have to say -- even if they aren't the mainstream folks. 

Whatever you do: NEVER STOP WRITING.


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