Find your audience

You have something to say, so say it. Just be sure that you say it to the right people in the right manner and at the right time. Because, well, if you don't, it could all backfire on you. After all, people don't play around these days. Especially with all the social media outlets allowing unfiltered self-expression.

Trust and believe that if somebody doesn't like the words you have to say, they can - and will - surely let you know it.

So what happens when you have something inspiring to say that you feel can transform the world in a positive manner?

You start a blog -- and say it. Then, you share it. You sit back and you wait for your post to go viral because it's that good.

And you wait.

And wait some more.

Still waiting...

Truth: Having a blog doesn't guarantee that you will get your message out there to the world. It is simply a platform to voice your opinion and share.

Maybe you will have some readers, maybe you won't.

But, don't give up.

Why? Because th…

Empower Clients with Your Blog

Ok, so you blog. Good for you. Here is your golden star/pat on the back/ shout out you were seeking. But, what good is your blog if it doesn’t do anything?  It needs a purpose. You can always write about random things and blab about the latest news events, but unless your readers get something from what you write, they may not be reading for long. If you have a website with a blog, then you should be writing content that can empower your clients. Teach them. Guide them. And be there for them. Even blogs with the most boring subject matter – say, corkboard manufacturers – can provide helpful, engaging content for their readers. Think: "Brighten your office with these must-have holiday decorations for your corkboard."  To bait and hook your readers, you will need a blog that: §Provides useful, easy-to-read content. Keep it light and something they’d want to read. §Makes the readers forget they are reading a blog about your boring product but convince them they need it at the sam…

Stagnant blog?

Let me tell you a story. 
There was once a little ball decorated with stripes of brown and seafoam green. No matter how much it wanted to sit still, it couldn't. Why? Because it's a ball, of course. It didn't have any way to stop itself - why would you even ask why
Anyway, it rolled off the table and hit the floor. Then, it rolled through the office and straight into the elevator. The first floor seemed to have the most popular vote.  And, once it reached there, it rolled its way out the elevator and straight out the front door. 
There was so much foot traffic in the busy office building that no one even noticed. 
So, the ball rolled down the road. It passed some people, it bounced off a few walls, and it even rolled under a few cars. 
And... swoosh...there went some beautiful rose bushes. Oh, how the ball would have loved to stop and take in their beauty. But, there was no way to slow down. 
Before long, the striped ball stumbled across a playground. It was like strolling str…

A Writer's Magic: Use Your Writer to Land New Clients

There are many ways in which you can try to find yourself some new clients. You could...  post on social media until your fingers are raw - with no guarantees sign up for some $3,500 course that promises you at least 100 new clients in 7 days buy an email list and start campaigning until you (hopefully) get some sort of response  stand on the street corner dancing with a sign advertising your business enjoy a hot air balloon ride while dropping pieces of candy with your website address from the sky Or, you could just write some awesome content and spread it far and wide. Keep it engaging and make people want to come to your business for your service/product/free stuff. After all, that's the desired outcome, right? 
If so, then you are in luck. There is something called a Freelance Writer or Content Creator that can make that happen for you. I know, I know - perhaps it sounds like a foreign idea. What can a writer do that will build my business up? 
Oh, boy. What you should be asking yours…

Freelance Writing Is So Much More Than Just Writing

You thought you'd try your hand at freelance writing since you love to write. You did your research, made connections online, and managed to find yourself a client or two. 
Then, you sit back, and write. Right? 
You are so WRONG. 
Freelance writing is so much more than just writing. Writers write. Freelance writers run a business. In fact, there are things you will have to do that will make you re-consider or think that you've gotten yourself in over your head. 
Let's see... 
Your client has requested that you write two SEO-friendly articles per week and post them to his WordPress blog. In turn, he will pay you $x. Sounds easy enough. You've got this for sure. Hold up. Wait -- have you ever used WordPress? A quick google search brings you to some nice tutorials on the program and you feel confident to proceed. 
You begin writing and realize that you let the client believe you knew more about Canadian Mining that you actually do, so you will have to do a bit of researc…


Life of normal folks:
Put in a solid 8-hour workday at the office. Head home, relaxing to some tunes on the commute.  Throw a quick dinner together (or order takeout). Watch some tv.  Catch up on social media.  Throw in a load of laundry.  Go to bed and start all over tomorrow. 
Life of a freelancer:
Wake up and shower.  Sit down with your laptop and breakfast. Walk the dogs for the 2nd time. Clean up your breakfast dishes.  Get the kids up and make them breakfast.  Walk the dogs again. Check your email.  Start a new article.  Hear the dryer buzz and go switch the laundry.  Get sidetracked by more dishes in the sink. Wash them.  Get halfway through your article.  See an email come in that you need to address right away.  Dogs need walked again.  Remember that you wanted to sweep and mop today, so you stop and do that.   Then decide you better make the kids lunch. And yourself some, too.  Sit back down with your laptop and finish your article.  More dishes.  Dogs need to be walked aga…

The Top 3 Questions to Never Ask a Writer

As a writer, I have been witness to a few different reactions when I respond to a question asking what I do for a living. Most usually come with a nod of the head and a slight, nearly-inaudible, hmm... sound. Others give a look of pity. And, then there are the very few who reply with a quick, "Oh, nice!" and move on. 
It doesn't matter who asks, I nearly cringe every time I hear, "So, Michelle, what do you do?" Because the initial response is almost always followed up with, "Have you been published?"
Now, yes, they could be sincerely asking the question. And, they are likely not intending to do the damage they do. But, it happens. Every time. 
The funny thing is that even when you are published, the feeling still holds true because you are still aiming to get your book published, increase your readers and platform, or find yourself published with a more reputable news source. It is always an upward climb (that often feels stagnant). In other words, its t…